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Discover & connect with New Zealand based suppliers on the marketplace. Make daily/weekly orders in minutes. Manage orders & chat on the App. 

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Connect with New Zealand based suppliers. Their products will be made in New Zealand, partially made in New Zealand, or designed in New Zealand. 

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Ordering off multiple suppliers is easy. You can add items from different suppliers to your cart & make one order. The order is then split off to the suppliers. This means you can make your daily/weekly orders in a few minutes & manage the rest of the order process on our app. 

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Managing Orders

Managing multiple orders is easy. Update an order's status in seconds, which also informs the supplier of the order progress. You can rest easy knowing that your order management is taken care of. 

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You will automatically receive an invoice after you have made the order. The invoice contains the supplier's payment instructions. The invoice can be printed, downloaded, emailed or AirDropped from the app  

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You can chat with suppliers within an order, the messages will be accessed through your message page and within the order itself. You won't need to keep track of email conversations anymore. 

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