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Why | Tupu Aotearoa

We are on a mission to level the playing field so smaller brands, artists, and designers can compete with large brands. We want quality small brands, artists, and designers to reach their full potential and be seen by retailers across Aotearoa. Currently, 80% of small brands sell wholesale via email. Large brands and international suppliers have seamless online ordering systems.

However, smaller brands, artists, and designers can now set up a store for free in just 15 minutes, leveling the playing field. They have the same access to retailers and the tools to compete with large brands and increase their chances of reaching their financial goals 

South Pacific | Coming Soon

We want to offer Almighty List to help the digital transformation of industries in the South Pacific. Moreover, many businesses in the South Pacific face unique challenges, such as geographic isolation and limited access to resources, which our solutions can effectively address, fostering efficiency and productivity. Additionally, by establishing a presence in the South Pacific, we demonstrate our commitment to global inclusivity and diversity, enriching our company culture and fostering cross-cultural exchange. Overall, expanding Almighty List to the South Pacific benefits the businesses in the region but aligns with our company's vision of driving positive change through technology."


Our Team

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