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New Zealand brands

Build your store, connect with retailers & receive orders. Show retailers how good your products are and how you will be their best supplier. 

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NZ Brands - Store set up
Store Set up

Set up your store in 1 hour & share your store with retailers.

Made for products that are made in New Zealand, partially made in New Zealand, or designed in New Zealand

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Adding Products

It only takes a few minutes to add a product. Your products will be available to retailers using our app. A guided process makes it simple for anyone to add products.

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Selling to Retailers

Retailers often make larger wholesale orders. You might make less profit per item you sell, but the upsides are repeat orders, brand exposure, and more revenue per order. Think of your favourite brands, and they probably sell their products wholesale. 

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Invoicing Retailers

Retailers automatically receive your invoice after they make an order. The invoice contains your payment instructions. Setting up your invoice only takes a few minutes.

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NZ Brands - Invoicing
Managing Orders

Managing your orders is easy. Update an order's status in seconds, informing the Retailer of the progress of their order. You can rest easy knowing that your order management is taken care of. 

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NZ Brands - Managing

You can chat with retailers within an order. You won't need to keep track of email conversations anymore

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NZ Brands - Message
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