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Find New Zealand brands and make daily orders in minutes

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Ordering from multiple suppliers is easy. You can add items from different suppliers to your cart & make one order. This means you can make your daily/weekly orders in a few minutes. 

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Retailers - Orders
Managing Orders

Managing all of your orders is simple. Update an order's status in seconds, informing the supplier of the order's progress. You can rest easy knowing that your orders are all organised and you can see their status at a glance 

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Retailes - Managing Orders

You will automatically receive an invoice after you have made the order. The invoice contains the supplier's payment instructions. The invoice can be printed, downloaded, emailed or AirDropped from the app. 

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Retailers - Invoicing

You can chat with suppliers within an order. You won't need to keep track of email conversations anymore. 

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Retailers - Messging
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